Originally Published at Rob.BearSwarm.com on 2011-08-09.

Version One
Cira GenCon 2011

Designed by Fraser Ronald
and Rob Justice

Your Game is really simple. It is designed to foster a sense of well-wishing and camaraderie… while being a total dickbag about it.

The goal of Your Game is to be the last person to wish someone a good game. It starts out as a simple dialog between two gamers heading towards different games.

Rob: “Have fun at your game, Fraser.”
Fraser: “Yeah! Have fun at your game too, Rob.”

The game has now begun. After the initial volley the game can be reduced to simply saying “Your Game” back and forth but not while within line of sight..

Rob now has to wait for Fraser to break line of sight before he can run back up to him and say, “Your Game.” Fraser can then fire a “Your Game” back at Rob, but only as long as Rob is within Fraser’s line of sight. If Rob manages to duck out of sight before Fraser can reply, it’s up to Fraser to hunt down Rob for his turn. If Rob can’t escape then he needs to break line of sight and try to catch Fraser off guard again.

The game only ends when both players simultaneously say “Your Game” to each other. It’s a lot harder than you’d expect, but it’s totally possible. At the end of the game whoever successfully said “Your Game” last is considered the winner.

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