Dregs of the Spin

You might be following the ongoing saga that is John’s attempts to design a game called Galaxy XXX. I know I am. I wasn’t very interested in the game until John mentioned something, off-handedly, to me.

Rob Justice: The players are intergalactic police?
John Wick: Yes.
Rob Justice: What’s the oversight like? Are they like Specters where they answer only to a Council or is there rank and file?
John Wick: They are exactly like spectres.
Rob Justice: Ok. So, the players are a team of Sex Specters. Gotcha.
John Wick: Sexpecters!
Rob Justice: Sounds like a pun Sexecutioner of GWAR would make.
John Wick: Ah, GWAR. They fit in GXXX.
Rob Justice:  Really?!
John Wick: Well… sort of.

With that, my children, I became interested in GXXX. I then sent John the following pitch, in hopes of being a stretch goal for the inevitable Kickstarter.

Hyperspace makes me horny and I don’t know why
A zero-grav hard on can make me so high
Space it blazes infernal
My love for kinky sex, eternal
“Lust in Space” by GWAR

Dregs of the Spin Pitch

United by cause, the Dregs see themselves as the bane of the Spin. Their self-appointed mission is to inflict all manners of atrocity upon a deserving universe. There is only one thing they love more than wanton destruction; Filthy, disgusting, horrible sex.

Why does the Council tolerate the Dregs? What have the Voyeurs done to stop the group? What awful, horrible secret are they hiding?

Dregs of the Spin Outline

  • Intergalactic bikers with a penchant for self-mutilation, violence, and debauchery.
  • United by a hatred for all life in the Spin, often directed at politicians and celebrities.
  • Identified by grotesque, mostly nude, appearance. Often covered in gore and excrement.
  • Often celebrate any and everything sinful, decadent, tasteless, and offensive.
  • Brag about committing the destruction of planets, and entire species, on a whim.
  • Encourage using Henta powers on themselves, fighting each other to be overpowered.
  • Ships have pits filled with slaves, though they have never been known to sell slaves.
  • Have a strange sense of morality, often targeting corrupt or abusive authority figures.
  • Currently five primary members and dozens of slaves.
  • Over thirty previous members, some of which have shared identities.

Questions Answered

Why does the Council tolerate the Dregs?

After the Council moved against the Dregs, resulting in the Dregs decapitating a half-dozen Council members, the two reached an agreement. The Dregs stick to Outlaw or Non-Council worlds and the Council leaves them alone. So far, the Dregs have honored the agreement though are very outspoken against the Council.

What have the Voyeurs done to stop the group?

Few Voyeurs had met with the Dregs and lived to tell about it. Most that have survived refuse to speak about what they experienced. Now that the Dregs stay clear of Council space most Voyeurs simply give their ships a wide berth.

What awful, horrible secret are they hiding?

WARNING: Don’t read this. Ever. It totally spoils the fun of the Dregs. Seriously. Stop reading.

Fine. If you insist.


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