Originally Published at Rob.BearSwarm.com on 2012-04-25.

Disclaimer: This is another scrapped idea I had. It’s not even close to being complete, just an errant thought. Make of it what you will.

Welcome to Atlantic City. Home of drifters, gamblers, thieves, and miscreants… Just like you. Oh, I know what you’re saying. I don’t want to be here, it’s just the hand fate dealt me. Of course! No one actually wants to be in Atlantic City, but here we are. We all sit here night after night with our cheap cigars, cheaper whiskey, and the cheapest women. It’s not glamorous but it’s home. If you say otherwise you’re lying to yourself more than anyone.

What’s that? You want to get out of Atlantic City? Don’t we all, son! Don’t we all. Lucky for you, I have a plan to do just that. You, me, and maybe some of the other guys and gals I’ve found are going to take this Casino for all it’s worth! That’s right, just like in the movies. Just remember kid that down here there’s just winners and losers.

Every player has a deck of cards. The object of every challenge is to draw as close to 21 without going over, essentially, blackjack. Characters have a number of unique abilities, depending on their lot in life, that allow them to manipulate their cards or the cards of their opponents. Characters also have luck, which allows them to re-draw cards and a sideboard that they can pull cards from.

Every character involved flips the top card from their deck, this serves as their initiative as well as well as the first card in their Hand. Initiative is decided first by card value and then by suit. 2-10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace – diamonds, clubs, hearts, spades.  This means that an Ace of Hearts beats any card of any suit except for an Ace of Spades. In the case of a tie players continue to draw cards, this time placing them sideways next to their first card, until an order is determined. Sideways cards do not count towards their current Hand.

After that players draw a number of cards equal to their Talent rating. Players then place a single cards upside down next to their initiative card. The objective is to get as close to 21, without going over and with as few cards as possible. Players then describe what they are attempting to accomplish and then in low to high initiative order reveal their placed cards. Players that are conflicting with each other determinate their outcome based on who got close to 21, who had the fewest cards, and who had the highest ranking card. Again, use suit order – diamonds, clubs, hearts, spades – to determine order. If by this point no one has an advantage, such as in the situation in which both players have the exact same cards, then neither gain the advantage. The player who has the advantage gets what they set out for while the other player doesn’t achieve their objective.

When a player loses a contest they must discard a certain number of cards from their deck.

At any point before the cards are revealed a player my fold. Their opponent gets what they want but the loosing player doesn’t take card damage.

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