7 Days to 7th Sea!

Yesterday, the countdown to the 7th Sea: Second Edition Kickstarter began! For those of you who missed the email (SHAME!) you’ll be able to start backing the project on February 9th, 2016. The other news is that every day, for the next seven days, the mailing list will receive something special. Each one includes a special banner to use on social media pages, letting everyone know you’re counting down with us to the Kickstarter. As an example of what else subscribers get to see, yesterday a sneak peek at the new cover went out to everyone who signed up.

If you haven’t already (SHAME!) swing over to www.SailThe7thSea.com and Join the Crew! It’s absolutely free and you’ll get insider information and sneak peaks up to, and likely through, the Kickstarter.

Credit: All the amazing art you’re seeing (including the header image on this post) comes from the incredible Shen Fei. I’ve bought games based only on their artwork before and I sincerely believe that Shen Fei will do more to move copies of 7th Sea than anything I could ever possibly write or say.

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