Memoirs of a Damned Samurai

Originally Published at on 2004-08-17. Recently, a choice was set before me. It wasn’t until then that I came to realize what a unique and wholly bizarre journey I was destined to undergo. Yet, to truly understand my decision to stay in a strange land instead of returning to my home world we need to take […]

Gotthilf Von Brandt

I was born in 1632, four years before the War, on a small farm outside of Five Sails on the Eisen side. My family traced their lineage to nobility of Eisen but the war made them meager farmers. I had ten siblings and eight cousins that all tended the same fields. I hated the boring farm life.

Samuel Frisk

Samuel Frisk was born Samuli Lahti in a small Vestenmannavnjar fishing community outside of Kivik, Eksjö. His father was a fisherman, as was his grandfather, great-grandfather, and so on. Samuli dreamed of breaking the “family curse” of fishing. He heard stories of the Vendel Merchants, of those who could decide what they wanted to do with their lives. Where Samuli only saw the shackles of tradition with his family he saw freedom with the Vendel League. When he came of age he told his father of his intentions to move to Kivik and begin apprenticing with a Vendel merchant. Samuli expected his father to be proud… but instead they fought. Samuli wouldn’t speak to his father again until the old man lay dying.

The Black Wings of Maroa

Fifteen years ago the whole world feared the Black Seven. Mothers would whisper into their son’s ears, “Behave or the Black Wings will come on the night winds and take you.” We would descend from the tops of the tallest trees in the carroway forests in the dead of night, but only on nights when the winds blew strongest. We could travel for miles on a storm front in search of our prey and ride the currents back home when our job was completed. We were called the Black Seven, the Wings of the Carroway, the Black Atani, and a dozen other names. To each other, we were simply the forest that we lived in. I was the Wrath of Maroa, one of the great Atani assassins.

Nico’s Stories

Nico was born the son of a fisherman in small village near Venice and grew up to take over his father’s trade. Trained with his father from a young age and groomed to take the life of a fisherman. His father took ill when he was seventeen and seized control of his father’s boat. He married his childhood sweetheart when he was eighteen and saved every penny he earned until he could afford a home in Venice with her. They moved to Venice when they were 26 years old and he took up work as a gondolier.