Solaris Historias

When I set out to write the game you’re now holding in your hands I had a simple goal. Create a game about a future that might be. One where humanity has overcome the technological limitations of our time to voyage through the stars. I wanted to imagine adventures the observable universe. What follows is a vision of the future based on current scientific understanding.

Dregs of the Spin

You might be following the ongoing saga that is John’s attempts to design a game called Galaxy XXX. I know I am. I wasn’t very interested in the game until John mentioned something, almost off-highhandedly, to me.

The Dungeons of Quarn

You are a Criminal. The sentence is the same for all convicted criminals within the Imperium. You are to be cast into the dungeons to fight for your innocence. Five miles of monster infested prison lay between you and freedom. Only those strong enough to survive will emerge from… The Dungeons of Quarn

NPC Creation

I got an e-mail from a listener (Neal Dalton, to be specific) about BS! Episode 112 and my comments on how I make NPCs. Well, who am I not to give our listeners what they request? After the break you can read my method of turning NPC creation over to your players.

Atlantic City

Welcome to Atlantic City. Home of drifters, gamblers, thieves, and miscreants… Just like you.

Archer: RPG-Lite

This is, hardly, a game at all. It’s more pass-the-stick than roll-the-dice. The whole point here is to have fun, get into shenanigans, and laugh. The rules are pretty broad but it’s the character creation that drives home the Archer feeling.

Professionals Gameplay Example

I wrote the following in preparation for converting my Suicide Squad game from the Leverage RPG to the Professionals. The Professionals is a game I’m designing and wanting to playtest. While I haven’t made the rules public I figured I could share this little example so others can see, generally, how the game works.