The Dead RPG

A game idea I kicked around for awhile. An attempt to create a zombie survival RPG. I’ve had new thoughts on the genre since I wrote this but there as still some ideas in here I think are super nifty. The Dead RPG is played with a standard deck of 54 playing cards. The cards are …

Fury Road is Coming

A trailer for Mad Max: Fury road hit over the weekend thanks to SDCC and I’m stoked. Why? Check out this article and I’ll tell you all my thoughts.

Honor & Darkness

This was something I wrote about a year ago. It’s unfinished and was never playtested. I still think its a neat idea and I had some interesting thoughts in here. I might pick it up again some day, unlikely but maybe. Author’s Note: I wanted to run a game about medieval monster hunters and while there …

Storium Philosophy

There are as many ways to behave on Storium as there are players. I want to outline how I think the game works best in hopes of finding like-minded players.

New Podcast? Kind of…

I’m back… kind of. I take a little time to explain what’s happening here and answering the burning question: have I returned to podcasting. The answers are all found inside!