I noticed you have an Adblocker

You're going to need to whitelist this site before you can see anything

Adblocker’s hurt sites like mine

I don't get a lot of traffic and when you use an Adblocker you limit the possible revenue this site could generate.

I don't ask for donations or subscriptions. I don't off premium content. I try to get a few bucks from showing some basic ads and that's it.

This means when you use an Adblocker you remove the only source of income this site generates to keep itself running.

I did my best to make any ads on my site unobtrusive, but I still rely on them to help keep the site running. if you feel differently please let me know what I can do to change things.

I tried to keep the site open and simply ask for people to unblock my site, but it's only become a bigger problem.

Now I'm forced to do this. Hide my site away from anyone who uses Adblockers. I'm really sorry about this but it's become too big of an issue to ignore.

If you add www.robjustice.net to your whitelist you can get back to checking out my stuff.

Thanks for your understanding... and I'm really sorry it came to this.

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