20160210_223046RobJustice.net is the website for Rob Justice; a podcaster, game designer, web developer, writer, streamer, father, husband, comic book enthusiast, pro-wrestling watcher, and an all-around good guy.

After role-playing for over a decade, Rob co-founded the internet’s first explicit RPG discussion podcast, The Bear Swarm!, in 2008. Since then he has hosted many RPG related podcasts including BS! Radio, Digging for Diamonds, and The Commute. In 2010 he self-published his first game, Danger Close, as a free PDF on this very site.

Rob began working with John Wick Presents in 2015 when he co-developed Unspeakable for Curse of the Yellow Sign and was a System Designer for 7th Sea: Second Edition. Rob went on to write for 7th Sea’s Pirate Nations and New World sourcebooks as well as one of the first official adventures, The Castle.

In 2017, Rob began writing for Cortex Prime with his creation of The Safe Zone. Independently, Rob branched into card game design with the release of Reading the Play on DriveThruCards. Also, he upgraded his computer to start a Twitch.tv stream where he plays video games way too early in the morning.