True Detective: Lightning in a Bottle

Season One was lightning in a bottle. It hit hard, fast, and bright. Is Season Two a slower build to greatness or the slipping decline of a great series? Only time will tell.

Dregs of the Spin

You might be following the ongoing saga that is John’s attempts to design a game called Galaxy XXX. I know I am. I wasn’t very interested in the game until John mentioned something, almost off-highhandedly, to me.

Waste Land Bazaar Preview

As I mentioned in my latest Commute episode, I’ve been working on a LARP idea for an upcoming convention. While it’s still a work in progress, I figured I’d share a bit of what I have so far.

LARP Mechanics Help

I’m re-configuring a LARP system and I’m running into some issues. I spell them out and then ask for you input.