Issue #5: To Be A Villain

This is GM Only, a look into the notes I write for the games I run. This post contains all of my notes for my fourth session of the Suicide Squad game I’ve been running on Google Hangouts. Since this game is being recorded you can hear what actually happened here: Issue #5 To Be A Villain.

Curse of the Yellow Sign

I’ve talked to John about Curse of the Yellow Sign for years. So when he messaged me the other day and asked, “How would you like to contribute to the “Fragments of the King” stretch goals?” My answer was, of course, “I haven’t had time to look over the KS. What are they?”

After John explained them to me I readily agreed. After all, I’m already hoping to contribute to the project in a couple other ways. (I swear to god if I don’t get a blurb in Act II for my version of Richard’s plan I’m going to knife someone.)

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