It came to my attention that you have the remains of my screenplay. I would greatly appreciate if you would publish my work so the world can finally see. I have two more salvaged pages. I have sent them to you.

Re: Horror Pilot from ‘87

I remember Mr. Scott’s script. How could I ever forget it? It’s been nearly thirty years and I still have nightmares about it. The first act was banal but that only helped hammer home the awful effect of the rest of the story. I do not know how many pages you received but if you have anything past the unmasking I suggest you get rid of it. The world never needs to know the horrible things that lurked in Mr. Scott’s mind.

Horror Anthology Pilot (Circa 1987)

Last weekend my uncle passed away and I found a bunch of old scripts in his attic. Most of them were trash but one struck me as different. It was at the very bottom of it’s box and most of it badly burnt. I read over the few pages that survived and I think your site would be interested in the contents. I can mail you the remains of the script if you like.