I Love “Jim”


I love the player called “Jim” in the Corruption example on page 203. I love how his giving a f%$# goes from torture to get vital information (of course, we all know that torture doesn’t work anywhere but in fiction) to pushing a child outta a window cause… f’ that kid? Jim doesn’t even give a reason at this point. Classic Jim.

Here is everything we know about “Jim”, in order of appearance in the book. I like to imagine this is all the same guy… in fact I like to think that from the first example to the second is the same scene.


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It is not my…


I’m getting a lot of similar questions lately. “Hey, Rob. What do you think about _____?” Maybe I’m being asked about the new Ghostbusters reboot, or Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, 7th Sea, or any other thing that is rising from the ashes. My work on 7th Sea is especially relevant as 2nd Edition is a vastly different beast.

I’m also seeing a lot of friends complaining about these new versions of old things. “That’s not _____!” You can fill in the blank with Superman, the Ghostbusters, Vodacce, or whatever. After all, 7th Sea: Second Edition is not First Edition. Zack Snyder’s Superman is not Richard Donner’s Superman. Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters is not Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters.

As a quick response to this noise I posted the following to my personal Facebook. I thought I’d share my thoughts here and elaborate on the general topic.

It’s not my Batman.
It’s not my Ghostbusters.
It’s not my Leatherface.

And that is OK. I sincerely hope someone out there gets the same enjoyment out of these characters that I did for “my” versions.

Turns out, I’ll always have Bill Murray. And Kevin Conroy. And Gunnar Hansen. There is nothing that can take away the importance these franchises had in my life and maybe, hopefully, someone else will be inspired by these new versions.

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